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Sheeting And Cutting Machine

Sheeting and Cutting Machine Model No. : DT- 82SC
Total Line In Sheeting And Cutting Machine
The company has implemented best technology to persuade highly efficient sheeting and cutting machines for food industry. The machines are latest and accomplish all the essential requirement for sheeting and cutting chocolate bar, chhiki, malai bar, khawa bar, jelly etc. This Mechanism is developed by the company for the end of sheeting and cutting line used for mass production capacity 1MT per shift.

Chocolate bar, Malai bar, Khawa bar, Chhiki, Jelly, Fruit bar, Nutritious bar etc

Mode Auto
Motor 1 HP
Power Input 3 Phase 415V AC, 50 Hz
System Extruder, Gang Cutter, Gagging Roller, Gelatin Cutter
Speed 1 meter/ min
Machine Size 8' x 3' x 4'
Machine Weight 700 KG

  • End of Sheeting and Cutting line for various products
  • Flexibility in changing cut length of the product
  • Easy transportation of product by food grade belt
  • Improved design for simple operation and maintenance
  • No technical men are required to keep the machine in trouble-free operation
  • All parts contacted the product are made of stainless steel with teflon coating
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